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Data collecting services

We can help customers collect, sort and process business database from different resources, like web portals, forums, directories etc.

How it works: We set up collecting agents according to customer's request and monitoring specified sources. We download and format records and updates from the source and deliver customer the sorted records. The collecting can be setup for periodical updates, i.e every month, year and etc.

What's the scale: We can process millions of pages and billions of records in a short time frame if required.

Cost: Depends on the scale of the collecting project, it may cost few hundreds to a couple of thunsands US dollars to setup, then a small portion for each update. Each setup can take 1-5 weeks.

Data processing services

We can help customers to sort, format and normalize large number of unsorted text data and generate normalized data.

How it works: We develop scripts to parse and transform customers unorginzed text data (OCR if needed), and sort them into normalized databases. With our expert experience, we can usually save the 50% -90% time and cost

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